ROME Rebirth Of MEME Let the meme coin MEME revitalise “All roads lead to Rome”
About ROME

——ROME is tired of seeing everyone using the same derivatives endlessly. None of them are pictures of their own emojis. There are too many fraudulent items in these identical meme tokens, so ROME came into being. Next, it’s time for the world’s most famous meme to become the king of emojis.

ROME makes memecoins great again here. Let $ROMe guide you in the right direction.

ROME’s interesting soul
Tired of being sennless
Tired of watching dogs and frogs flying? Do you hate that you missed it again and again? Then, ROME is the answer. This ticket is now $ROME
Meme culture
Pure Meme pushes ROME forward. This is a revolution and the beginning of culture.
There are many stickers in ROME. Here, wealth is no longer so important. What matters is happiness and entertainment.
Physical strength
ROME is a meme symbol and a force that promotes the revolution of blockchain and continues to move forward.
Token Economics
Total : 1,000,000,000
0% Tax:


The story about ROME

Become the most potential Meme on the Solana blockchain, so that people are no longer poor and let investors feel the charm of meme.

Bring about

Create more possibilities. Maybe he is dangerous, but the ideal in mind is “All roads lead to Rome”


Invisible wealth, invisible diamonds, the next gem!

ROME stickers
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